Information sessions and advertising space

Information sessions and advertising space

Streamed information sessions 

The information sessions will be held in the information session area of Hall A on both days of the exhibition. You can give your information presentation on your own or, for example, in interview format with an exhibition host. 

The cost of an information session is €170/15min + VAT. The cost includes online streaming of the session.

Exhibitors can reserve a maximum of two information sessions per day, but the sessions cannot be consecutive.

Schedule of Information sessions 

Further information and reservations:   


Advertising space on screens and banners 

Exhibitors can purchase additional advertising space on the exhibition days both inside and outside the Infratech 2021 exhibition facilities. The advertising space consists of

  • Screens over the main entrance and within the entry lobby.
  • Banner space in the entry lobby and along the fencing for the outdoor area.

Read more about the locations of the advertising space and pricing and about the technical requirements for screen advertising.